Comprehensive Guide To General Maintenance Services

Guide To General Maintenance Services

General maintenance services refer to the activities administered to maintain, improve, or repair different properties, facilities, or equipment. Implementing routine maintenance is important as it helps increase the value of properties, extend service longevity, adhere to certain rules and policies, reduce costs by avoiding risk, and ensure the safety of both staff and customers/patrons.

General maintenance service companies offer a myriad of benefits like trained personnel and appropriate equipment. Some general maintenance providers also offer insurance during the services rendered, providing customers peace of mind and security.

Essential Maintenance Services

There are various types of maintenance services, and these depend on what the maintenance company offers or what kind of maintenance service customers need. Here are the essential maintenance services being offered:

  • Housekeeping and Janitorial services: This refers to tasks such as house cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, disposing of trash, organizing living spaces, and others. It also extends to outdoor chores like sweeping dried leaves, uprooting unwanted grasses, or watering the plants. The main goal of this service is to provide organization and cleanliness to a place so that it can foster relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment.
  • Disinfection and Sanitation: These services are designed to maintain the cleanliness of various facilities, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees and their occupants. Sanitizing focuses on removing bacteria from surfaces, while disinfecting kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Professional maintenance services that provide this service use appropriate cleaning agents and implement proper sanitization protocols.
  • Reception Management: Reception areas are vital spots in hotels and other commercial establishments, as they are the first ones that visitors see when they enter. With this, they also need to be maintained, which is why maintenance services such as cleaning of carpet, doors, and glass, dusting, and sanitizing of telephones and computers are needed. Organizing the driveways and maintaining the floors, as well as putting alcohol and air fresheners.
  • Water Pump Operations: Clients who want to make sure that their water flow is adequate and their source of potable water is continuous must avail themselves of this service. This service includes 24/7 monitoring and overseeing actual status of water pumps to avoid overflow.
  • Messengerial Services: Another facet of maintenance service aside from cleaning, maintaining, and repairing is messengerial service, wherein tasks like handling mail and package deliveries, running errands, making local trips, and coordinating transportation logistics are performed for clients. This is advantageous, as clients are confident that their products and cargo will be delivered safely and arrive at their destination intact.


SAVVICE: the Reliable General Maintenance Service Provider

Savvice Corporation, or simply SAVVICE, is a premier provider of maintenance and housekeeping services in the country. With more than 20 years of experience, SAVVICE has been providing full-on, end-to-end operations and maintenance services for various clients in the Philippines.

Similar to the list mentioned above, their maintenance services include:

  • Housekeeping & Janitorial Services
  • Disinfection & Sanitation
  • Reception Management
  • Well & Pump Operations
  • Messengerial Services

In addition to those, they also provide special, ad hoc maintenance services:

  • One-Time Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

As a subsidiary of MPT Mobility, SAVVICE also caters to their clients with fleet services, routine maintenance and roadway systems, traffic auxiliary services, roadside assistance, towing services, and others. SAVVICE adheres to high industry standards, as they are DOLE 174 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. As such, their clients are guaranteed to receive quality, safe, and efficient services.

To learn more about SAVVICE’s general and housekeeping services, visit