MPTC Expands Business Outside Tollroad Industry

MPTC Expands Tollroad Industry Business

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Pacific Tollways Corp., the country’s largest tollroad operator, is expanding its business outside the tollway industry to generate new revenue streams and boost customer experience. 


MPTC yesterday introduced a new business unit called MPT Mobility Inc., which will initially be composed of seven subsidiaries offering digitally-driven solutions. 


“We organized this business combining several small organizations into one big business unit that will put together some of the new products and innovations that we want to offer our customers,” MPTC president Rodrigo Franco said in a virtual briefing yesterday. 


Franco said MPT Mobility would serve as MPTC’s primary organization to pursue new revenue streams. 


“MPT Mobility will play a key role in transforming some of our digital ideas into actual products and services. It will play a key role in sustainability of our business,” he said. 


“As we offer our new products and services, we will enhance customer experience. While improving customer experience, we will also be able to generate new revenues outside of our heritage expressway business,” Franco said. 


MPT Mobility president and general manager Raul Ignacio said the company would start with seven business units composed of account management company Easytrip Services Corp., centralized customer response organization One Hub, general and maintenance services outsourced manpower provider Southbend Express Services Inc., out of home advertising unit Spot On, toll service facility firm Drive & Dine, parking solutions company Dibz, and innovation and diversification unit Business Development. 


“The conglomeration of these companies under MPT Mobility will change the landscape of the industry it operates in. It intends to become the standard bearer in satisfying customers’ mobility needs,” Ignacio said. 


He said these subsidiaries would be utilizing current and modern digital technology that will be safe and efficient. 


“Digitalization is inevitable. We needed to be at the forefront of leveraging its adoption and transcend our core tollways business using the latest digital technology. What MPT Mobility has to offer addresses a variety of customer needs and provides them with operation and life conveniences via a digital interface. These digital solutions are all about improving mobility for the Filipino people,” he said. 


Created to eliminate parking frustration in high-congestion metro locations, Dibz offers pre-booked parking, valet services, and parking management, while Spot On Advertising provides the business community with out of home advertising opportunities. 


Spot On’s current inventory consists of bridge and median billboards that have face-on visibility to motorists and strategically-located roadside billboards. 


Souhtbend, meanwhile, provides outsourced manpower for general and maintenance services, roadway systems products and services, and traffic and auxiliary works on road network operations. 


Business Development focuses more on developing projects of which a major component is digital technology. Some of the projects in the pipeline are Fiber Optics Communication Interface, Smart Cities, and Intermodal terminals that answer multiple mobility requirements. 


One Hub, for its part, responds to service concerns in all the digital touchpoints of MPTC. The service provides customer listening tools such as real-time chat on website, portal, or app touchpoints.


Drive & Dine hosts some of the most popular fast foods, sought-after full dining restaurants and drive-through dining, one-stop shops for local merchandise and delicacies, premium brand stores and discount outlets, and fuel stations. 


Lastly, Easytrip manages MPTC’s electronic toll collection system. 


MPT Mobility VP for business development Mark De Leon said the company is also working on developing an all-in-one app that would cater to all the mobility needs of motorists. 


“We have embarked on a new project to provide a platform where in one app, all of your RFID accounts, you e-wallet, from your payments to parking, even from getting a tow truck for your emergency requirements is in that one app,” he said. 


De Leon said there are also plans to install at least one electric vehicle charging station along each of MPTC’s expressway network in the country. 


“MPT Mobility is established to provide solutions to your mobility requirements. We will develop solutions that will make your travel requirements more reliable, more convenient, more efficient, and more seamless,” De Leon said.